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Crane Truck Hire

Do you have heavy equipment or machinery that needs to be moved out of your yard, or from one place to another? Well RecycleCorp might just have the right solution for you.

We offer Crane truck Hires with affordable prices, at 6,500vatu per hour VAT included. For more information about out crane hire services call Shaun today on +678 5547147.

And don’t forget we also do free scrap metal pickups from your property to our scrap yard for recycling. Call us today on +678 5588047 to arrange your crane truck hire.

Check out this link for all the scrap metal items we recycle!


Truck Pickup

Truck Pick-up

Do you have some scrap metal lying around in your yard? Well, At RecycleCorp we do free truck pick-ups for all types of scrap metals including kapa sheets/cans/tins, car batteries, air conditioners, bed frame, right down to gear boxes and car engines. Just give us a call on +678 5588047 to organise a pick up today.




Lead-acid batteries are harmful to our young children and the environment.

Lead acid battery contains lead, a highly toxic metal, and sulfuric acid, a corrosive  solution.When punctured, damaged or leaking, it can cause serious health and environmental problems.

Environmental Problem;

  1. Lead-acid batteries are made from a variety of chemicals to power their reactions. Some of these chemicals, such as nickel and cadmium, are extremely toxic, and can cause damage to humans and the environment. In particular, they can cause soil and water pollution and endanger wildlife.

Health Problem;

  1. Lead is a highly toxic metal that produces a range of adverse health effects particularly in young children. Exposure to excessive levels of lead can cause damage to brain and kidney, impaired hearing and may also lead to other numerous health associated problems

If you have some expired lead-acid batteries lying around the garage, workshop or at home and want to dispose of, please bring them down to RecycleCorp at Bladiniere for recycling or give us a call on +678 5588047 to organise a free collection. We collect and recycle both car/truck batteries and solar batteries.


RecycleCorp scrap metal collection.

Lo RecycleCorp, mifala e pikimap ol toti ayan osem kapa, tinfish mo coca-cola tin,  radiator, gearbox, bras, copper, batri blo truck, ol olfala truck we yu nomo needim, mo plante nara toti ayan.

Yu save karem ol toti ayan blo yu e kam daon lo yard we e located lo Bladiniere, or Sipos yu gat fulap ayan tumas, yu save kolem mifala lo 5547147 o 5588047 blo mifala e kam pikmap. Pikap emi fri nomo.



Glass Recycling In Port Vila

To interested resorts, restaurants and business houses.

RecycleCorp Vanuatu is now starting a new project, which is Glass recycling.
Please view the attached information and pictures, then let us know if you would like to participate. There is a small fee for collection, which covers the collection and recycling of the glass waste. This is explained on the information sheet.
The bins are 240lt wheelie bins/garbage bins (see attached photo).
The glass will be recycled in country.
If you have any further questions do not hesitate to call +678 5547147.
To see other products that RecycleCorp recycles check out our website at

Recycle Your Cans

RecycleCorp Vanuatu recycles all sorts of cans from your coca cola and tin tuna right down to your deodorant cans, we take them all. And don’t forget that we also take old washing machines, ovens, tin roof/kapa, reinforcement bar, old machinery and truck parts. Check out the photos or our website, for more of an idea of what we recycle.

RecycleCorp – Now Hiring

Good Morning Everybody,

RecycleCorp Vanuatu i stap lukaotem wok boi!

Mifala nidim:

3x Labours

1x Truck Driver

Kolem mifala naia blo mekem wan taem blong miting blo yu naia. Please taem yu kam lo miting blo yu karem birth certificate mo VNPF numba blo yu spose yu gat. Numba blo kolem emi 5547147.

RecycleCorp emi stap lo Bladinere klosap lo Unelco.

Yu save stat lo same dei.cropped-recycle-corp-logo-edit-3.jpg

Thankyu tumas


RecycleCorp Vanuatu