Recycle Your Glass

RecycleCorp the number 1 metal recycling company is currently recycling glass. Everyday we consume organic and processed products (food/liquor/beverages) that are canned or bottled. To help reduce climate change, we try our best to recycle these waste products to be reusable and of less pollutant effect to the environment.

RecycleCorp has the perfect solution for you. We now provide a glass collection scheme. We hire out 240lt wheelie bins for a weekly collection of your glass waste and tin cans.  When we collect the full bins we replace it with a clean bin, so you don’t get those yucky smells.

Glass collected is recycled right here in Vanuatu. For more information on how you can hire a bin or two, call RecycleCorp today on +678 5547147.

And don’t forget to check out our website for other items we recycle.