RecycleCorp Acknowledges its Glass Recycling Customers

For the last 7 months, RecycleCorp has been has been doing weekly collections around Port Vila for some Households, Resorts and Restaurants that wanted to be a part of Glass Recycling in Vanuatu. We would like to acknowledge these loyal customers for being part of and promoting Glass Recycling In Vanuatu. A big thank you from RecycleCorp for their continued support.DEPC visit to RecycleCorp-9

Angelfish Cove Villas


ANZ Vanuatu

Veterinary Clinic

Breakas Resort

Cafe Vila

Mark & Catherine Hurley

Blue Marlin Lodge

David Turnbull

The Melanesian

Holiday Inn

Nambawan Cafe

Jills Cafe

Andrew Hibgame

Waterfront Bar

Kaiviti Motel

Coco De Mer

K2 Cafe

Karen Day

Vanuatu Glass & Aluminium

Sue Bedford

Havana Resort

Breadfruit Apartments

DMC Vanuatu