Getting Rid of Glass Waste in Port Vila

To interested restaurants, resorts, bars, business houses and households.

RecycleCorp Vanuatu started a new project, which has been running since October 2018,  Glass Recycling.
We collect all types of glass jars/bottles from our customers and recycle them.
The glass will be crushed down into a granule form, which depending on the size can be used in various ways such as pool filters, sand blasting and even construction.
Please view the information and pictures. There is a small fee for collection, which covers the collection and recycling of the glass waste. This is explained on the information sheet.
The bins are 240lt wheelie bins (see attached photo). We provide weekly collections of the bins.
The glass will be recycled in country.
There is an option for businesses and an option for households as obviously the amount of glass waste in a household is quite small when compared to a restaurant or bar.
If you have any further questions OR would like to be part of this new recycling project, do not hesitate to call +678 55 47147 or email
Check out our website at, to see other products that RecycleCorp also recycle.
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