RecycleCorp – What We Do

At RecycleCorp, we collect and recycle all sorts of scrap metals like: Steel Aluminum Copper Brass Electric Motor Gear box Cars/Trucks/Buses Batteries Radiators (which can be found in air conditioners and vehicles) Pretty much anything metal etc, washing machines, dryers, BBQ's, window frames, microwaves, bed frames, food and drink cans and so on. Call us … Continue reading RecycleCorp – What We Do

Getting Rid of Glass Waste in Port Vila

To interested restaurants, resorts, bars, business houses and households. RecycleCorp Vanuatu started a new project, which has been running since October 2018,  Glass Recycling. We collect all types of glass jars/bottles from our customers and recycle them. The glass will be crushed down into a granule form, which depending on the size can be used … Continue reading Getting Rid of Glass Waste in Port Vila

RecycleCorp Acknowledges its Glass Recycling Customers

For the last 7 months, RecycleCorp has been has been doing weekly collections around Port Vila for some Households, Resorts and Restaurants that wanted to be a part of Glass Recycling in Vanuatu. We would like to acknowledge these loyal customers for being part of and promoting Glass Recycling In Vanuatu. A big thank you … Continue reading RecycleCorp Acknowledges its Glass Recycling Customers

Recycle Your Glass

RecycleCorp the number 1 metal recycling company is currently recycling glass. Everyday we consume organic and processed products (food/liquor/beverages) that are canned or bottled. To help reduce climate change, we try our best to recycle these waste products to be reusable and of less pollutant effect to the environment. RecycleCorp has the perfect solution for … Continue reading Recycle Your Glass