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Over 5000 batteries shipped out of Vanuatu

The following article appeared in the Daily Post on Saturday 24th March: This week five containers full of used lead-acid batteries will leave the RecycleCorp yard in Bladinere and will be on their way to a battery recycling facility in Korea. This shipment is the first of its kind out of Vanuatu under the Basel … Continue reading Over 5000 batteries shipped out of Vanuatu

Recycle Your Glass

RecycleCorp the number 1 metal recycling company is currently recycling glass. Everyday we consume organic and processed products (food/liquor/beverages) that are canned or bottled. To help reduce climate change, we try our best to recycle these waste products to be reusable and of less pollutant effect to the environment. RecycleCorp has the perfect solution for … Continue reading Recycle Your Glass