First export of plastics for recycling in Vanuatu

On Thursday afternoon this week Vanuatu Environmental Science Society and RecycleCorp hosted an event at the RecycleCorp yard to mark the first export of plastic bottles from Vanuatu. The bottles are being shipped to Australia at the end of this month to be recycled back into plastic bottles. Dr. Christina Shaw, Director of VESS said … Continue reading First export of plastics for recycling in Vanuatu

Recycle Your Cans

RecycleCorp Vanuatu recycles all sorts of cans from your coca cola and tin tuna right down to your deodorant cans, we take them all. And don't forget that we also take old washing machines, ovens, tin roof/kapa, reinforcement bar, old machinery and truck parts. Check out the photos or our website, recyclevanuatu.comĀ for more of an … Continue reading Recycle Your Cans